General FAQs

What is Bonterra's stock symbol? How do I become a shareholder of Bonterra?

Bonterra's shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol BNE. Bonterra shares can be purchased on the TSX through a broker or discount brokerage and cannot be purchased directly from the company.

What is Bonterra's dividend policy?

The dividend is paid monthly and subject to commodity prices and production levels, amongst other factors. Management and the Board of Directors monitor production volumes, dividend levels, payout ratios, and capital expenditures on a monthly basis and Bonterra targets to pay approximately 50 to 65 percent of funds flow to investors.

What are dividend dates, ex-dividend dates and record dates?

The dividend date is the date on which shareholders are paid the cash dividend. Bonterra typically pays the dividend to its shareholders on the last trading day of the month. The record date is ten trading days prior to the dividend date and the ex-dividend date is one trading day prior to the record date.

Dividends are paid to all investors who hold shares on the date of record. In order to be the shareholder on record, shares must be purchased at least one day prior to the ex-dividend date as trades take two days to settle. Shares purchased on the ex-dividend date would not settle until one trading day after the record date and thus the seller would receive the dividend as the holder of record.

What is Bonterra's hedging policy?

Management and the Board of Directors have reassessed the hedging policy and decided in the near term the Company will not enter into further risk management strategies at this time. This policy will continue to be reviewed.

Operational FAQs

What is Bonterra's production?

Bonterra's average daily production in 2017 was approximately 12,827 BOE per day. The Company's current forecast for 2018 average daily production is 13,200 to 13,500 BOE per day. 

What is Bonterra's production mix?

Bonterra's 2017 production mix was be comprised of approximately 70 percent crude oil and natural gas liquids and 30 percent natural gas. 

What is Bonterra's reserve life index?

As of December 31, 2017, Bonterra's reserve life index is 21 years on a proved plus probable basis.