Environment, Health & Safety

Bonterra Energy (“Bonterra” or the "Company”) is committed to the protection of life and property in all that we seek to achieve as an active oil and gas producer. Accordingly, our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our employees and all others involved in or impacted by, our operations.

For the Company’s part, we will be responsible for taking the necessary actions to provide a safe work environment; for employing personnel with the skills, training and equipment required to complete their jobs in a safe manner (or providing the necessary training when required); and for using practices and procedures which meet or exceed regulatory requirements. As well, we will encourage the active participation and support of our employees in promoting and implementing an effective safety program. Bonterra’s management and supervisory personnel will have direct responsibility for ensuring these objectives are met.

Bonterra is committed to achieving a high standard of environmental stewardship throughout all aspects of its endeavors. It is our Company’s mission to find a workable balance between the creation of economic prosperity for its employees and shareholders and the preservation of the environment. Our commitment to preserving the environment is motivated not only by our desire to limit legal and financial liabilities; it is also motivated by the sincere desire of Bonterra’s managers, directors, and employees to minimize our impact upon the environment. To this end, Bonterra will comply with all applicable environmental regulations, statutes, and industry standards by exceeding minimum compliance standards where prudent to do so.

Our HS&E practices underscore the following priorities:

  • Employing minimal disturbance techniques to reduce the overall impact to the environment caused by our operations;
  • Ensure all employees, contractors, and Company representatives are provided with applicable health, safety, security and environmental and regulatory training;
  • Secure a safe work environment with robust policies, procedures, equipment and emergency response plans;
  • Provide timely and effective response to any incidents that may occur, enabling rapid recoveries and conducting thorough incident investigations;
  • Employ vigorous asset integrity programs to ensure the safe operation of pipelines and associated facilities; and
  • Consult internal and external stakeholders that are impacted by our operations, and remain committed to working with involved parties to resolve any concerns or questions that may arise.